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Dornoch Men 1822

List of all persons (males) above 16 years of age residing within the Parish of Dornoch, excluding servants.

Transcribed by Malcolm Bangor-Jones – adapted to this website by Christine Stokes. This is a long list but now shown by surname in alphabetical order for easy searching. 

Following each surname is Christian name, followed by status as shown on original document then place of residence. All place names are as shown on original. Where it states Dornoch it means the little town of Dornoch.

Hugh, farmer, Rearcher; John, wright, Dornoch 
James (Mr) tacksman, Cuthill & son David 
Angus, farmer, Rearcher 
John, labourer, Dornoch 
John, farmer, Lednaclay 
Angus, farmer, Berrichen; Farquhar, farmer, Rearcher; James, farmer, Skibo 
Alex., mason, Dornoch; Donald, farmer, Skibo; Granville, labourer, 
Dornoch; James, farmer, Achvandra; John, farmer, Asdale; John, farmer, Ardnacalk; Robert, farmer, Dornoch; Robert, farmer, Asdale; William, shoemaker, Dornoch 
James, wheelwright, Dornoch 
Donald, Embo Fishertown 
Hugh, wright, Skibo; Walter, wright, Dornoch 
David, labourer, Dornoch & sons George & Wm.; Donald, labourer, Dornoch; John, farmer, Proncycroy; Robert, labourer, Proncycroy; Wm., farmer, Proncycroy 
George, farmer, Skibo; Wm., farmer, Skibo & son Wm. 
Alex., farmer, Clashmore & son John; Mr Angus, Dornoch; Donald, farmer, Lednaclay; James, farmer, Rearcher; John, farmer, Rearcher; John, farmer, Asdale & sons George & Wm.; John, farmer, Sandy Croft, Cyderhall & son Robert 
Andrew (Mr), tacksman, Achley 
Alex., mason, Clashmore; Alex., dyker, Clashmore; Colin, farmer, Cuthill & his son Alex.; Donald, pensioner, Dornoch; George, apprentice to Alex. Sutherland, smith, Dornoch; George, apprentice to Alex. Gordon, mason, Clashmore; James, son to Wm., farmer, Skibo; Roderick, son to Wm., farmer, Skibo; Wm. senior, farmer, Skibo; Wm. junior, farmer, Skibo 
Hugh, shoemaker, Dornoch 
Alex., pensioner, Dornoch; Alex., fisher, Embo Fishertown & sons Alex., John & Donald; Alex., farmer, Fleuchary Park; Andrew, shoemaker, Dornoch; Colin, farmer, Skibo; Donald, cook, Dornoch & son Joseph; Donald, smith, Embo Achtresalich; Hector, shoemaker, Dornoch; James, farmer, Rearcher; James, farmer, Drimdavan; John, labourer, Dornoch; John, farmer, Evelicks Moor; John, farmer, Evelicks & son John; John, farmer, Skibo; Robert, labourer, Evelicks; Mr Thomas, Sheriff Substitute, Dornoch; Wm., tailor, Evelicks & son John 
Alex. Sutherland, farmer, Asdale; Andrew, weaver, Dornoch; Andrew, farmer, Embo Achtresalich; Andrew, farmer, Embo Moor; George, farmer, Achvandra Moor & son George; John, farmer, Achdaduaig & son Wm.; 
Roderick, farmer, Clashfluch & son Alex.; Wm., tailor, Dornoch & brother James 
Alexander, labourer, Linag Ronich; Alexander, farmer, Drimdavan & son John; Alexander, mason, Lonemore; Donald, mason, Drimdavan; George, merchant, Dornoch; George, farmer, Linag Ronich; George, tailor, Berrichen; Gilbert, mason, Fourpenny; James, mason, Drimdavan; James, farmer, Clashfluch; John, farmer, Proncycroy; John, mason, Proncycroy; 
John, teacher, Achinall; William, labourer, Fourpenny; William, farmer, Proncycroy 
John, mason, Dornoch 
John, butcher, Dornoch; William, constable, Dornoch; William, seaman, Dornoch 
William, pensioner, Achlach 
Mr George, farmer, Dornoch 
Robert, farmer, Fleuchary Park 
Reverend Angus, Dornoch 
Allan, farmer, Embo Hilton & son Robert; Andrew, cooper, Dornoch;Angus (Mr), tacksman, Proncynain; Alexander, wright, Dornoch; George, farmer, Embo Hilton; Hugh, tailor, Dornoch; John, farmer, Embo Hilton;Norman, shoemaker, Embo Hilton; Robert, saddler, Dornoch; Robert, cooper, Dornoch; Robert, wright, Dornoch; Robert, farmer. Evelicks & son Robert 
Mr. Excise, Dornoch 
Andrew alias Fowler, farmer, Clashbuy; Angus, pensioner, Badninish; 
Hugh, pensioner, Berrichen; Hugh, pensioner, Restockach; Hugh, farmer, Restockach; John, farmer, Knockbreck & son Alexander; John, shoemaker, Torboll; Sween, farmer, Achvaich; William, farmer, Achvandra Moor 
Angus, smith, Skibo; John, shoemaker, Skibo; William, farmer, Clashbuy 
John, miller, Torboll & son James 
Alexander, tailor, Cuthill; Andrew, blacksmith, Dornoch & son James; Angus, farmer, Rearcher; David, tailor, Rearcher & son James; Donald, farmer, Berrichen; Donald, pensioner, Torboll; Gilbert, weaver, Skibo; Hugh, farmer, Achinall; John, shoemaker, Balvraid; John, innkeeper, Clashmore; John, labourer, Torboll; Murdoch, farmer, Achvaich; Wm., farmer, Dornoch & sons Gilbert & Robert; Wm., farmer, Skibo; Wm., farmer, Alusty & son Hugh 
Alex., shoemaker, Dornoch & brother Wm.; Alex., clerk to Mr George Sutherland Taylor, Dornoch; Alex., apprentice, Embo Moor; Alex., farmer, Embo Moor; Alex., labourer, Embo Moor; Alex., fisher, Embo Fishertown x 2 plus 2 sons named John; Alex. (Roy), fisher, Embo Fishertown & son Robert; Alex., farmer, Badninish; Alex., farmer, Dalchiel; Alex., farmer, Fleuchary Park; Alex., farmer, Evelicks’ Alex., farmer, Proncycroy; Alex., labourer, Proncycroy; Alex., labourer, Cyderhall; Alex., labourer, Davochfin; Alex., farmer, Skibo; Andrew, tailor, Dornoch; Andrew, farmer, Fourpenny & son Wm.; Andrew, farmer, Achvandra Moor; Andrew, farmer, Balvraid & son John; Angus, farmer, Achvandra Moor & son James; Angus senior & junior, labourer, Rearcher; Angus, shoemaker, Fleuchary Park; Angus, farmer, Clash-na-larach; David, wright, Dornoch; David, apprentice to James Matheson, shoemaker, Proncycroy; David, labourer, Lednaclay; Donald, merchant, Dornoch; Donald, farmer, Embo Hilton; Donald, shoemaker, Embo Moor; Donald, farmer, Knockglass; Donald, farmer, Achvandra Moor; Donald, farmer, Rearcher; Donald, farmer, Achvaich; Donald, farmer, Lednaclay; Finlay, farmer, Rearcher; Finlay, pensioner, Ardachu; George, farmer, Achvandra Moor; George, farmer, Balvraid; Gordon, tailor, Dornoch; Hector, shoemaker, Proncycroy; Hugh, labourer, Berrichen; Hugh, tailor, Berrichen; Hugh, farmer, Clashmore; James, labourer, Dornoch & son John; James, farmer, Embo Hilton; James, farmer, Achvandra Moor; James, scholar, Achvandra Moor; James, shoemaker, Fleuchary Park; James, farmer, Evelicks; James, son to Robert, farmer, Berrichen; James, farmer, Berrichen; John, sawyer, Dornoch; John, merchant, Dornoch; John, farmer, Embo Moor & son George; John, fisher, Embo Fishertown (2); John, merchant, Achvandra; John, farmer, Achvandra; John, farmer, Achvandra Moor; John, tailor, Achvandra Moor; John, farmer, Badninish & son Donald; John, farmer, Skelbo Moor; John, tailor, Rearcher; John, farmer, Rearcher; John, farmer, Fleuchary Park; John, farmer, Evelicks Moor; John, farmer, Proncycroy; John, shoemaker, Drimdavan; John, labourer, Clashmore; John, tailor, Cyderhall; John, pensioner, Skibo; John, farmer, Lednaclay; John, a beggar, Torboll; Kenneth, labourer, Embo Moor; Kenneth, wright, Evelicks Moor; Kenneth (Captain) tacksman, Torboll; Lachlan, farmer, Skelbo Moor; Lewis, labourer, Lednaclay; Neil, farmer, Clashbuy; Peter, farmer, Rearcher; Philip, wright, Dornoch; Robert, pensioner, Achvandra; Robert, farmer, Achvandra Moor & son Robert; Robert, pensioner, Achvandra Moor; Robert, farmer, Berrichen x 2; Robert, farmer, Proncynaird; Thomas, fisher, Embo Fishertown; Thomas, farmer, Evelicks; Thomas, farmer, Proncycroy; Walter, miller, Cyderhall & son Alex.; Wm, labourer, Dornoch; Wm (Roy) sawyer, Dornoch; Wm, farmer, Embo Moor; Wm, grandson to John Mackay, fisher, Embo Fishertown; Wm, fisher, Embo Fishertown; Wm, pod?-fisher, Embo Fishertown & son Andrew; Wm (Taylor), fisher, Embo Fishertown; Wm, farmer, Badninish; Wm, farmer, Skelbo Moor; Wm, farmer, Balvraid & son John; Wm, farmer, Rearcher x 2; Wm, farmer, Fleuchary Park; Wm, farmer, Berrichen; Wm, labourer, Cyderhall; Wm senior, farmer, Achinall & son Alex.; Wm junior, farmer, Achinall 
Alex., post office, Dornoch; Alex., merchant, Dornoch; Alex., farmer, Achdaduaig; Alex., labourer, Torboll; Andrew, labourer, Achvandra Moor; David, farmer, Lednaclay; Donald, labourer, Dornoch; Donald, farmer, Achvandra; Donald, farmer, Achinall; G. (Lt), residenter, Lonemore; George, farmer, Achdaduaig; Gilbert, farmer, Rearcher; Hugh, farmer, Torboll; James, tailor, Achvandra; James, labourer, Torboll; John, farmer, Achvandra Moor; John, farmer, Lednaclay; Mackay, apprentice to William Grant, tailor, Evelicks; William, farmer, Achvaich; William, farmer, Achdaduaig 
Donald, farmer, Achvaich 
Alex., pensioner, Berrichen; Angus, farmer, Lonemore; George, pensioner, Berrichen; John (Sergeant) Pensioner, Dornoch; John, wright, Lonemore; Murdoch, Gaelic teacher, Balcherry; Robert, farmer, Dornoch; Wm., wright, Lonemore 
Adam, shoemaker, Proncynaird; Donald, farmer, Proncynaird and his son John; James, dyker, Proncynaird 
Robert, son to Sarah Rhi, Embo Fishertown; William, ferryman, Ferrytown 
Hugh, farmer, Dalvray 
Alexander, farmer, Dornoch; Alex., farmer, Fourpenny; Alex., farmer, Clashnagrave & his sons James, John, Alex. & Donald; Alexander, farmer, Proncycroy; Angus, farmer, Ardshave; Angus, labourer, Cuthill; Donald, dyker, Rearcher; Hugh, post, Dornoch; James, labourer, Dornoch; James, farmer, Achvandra Moor x 2; James, Achvandra Moor & son Wm.; James, shoemaker, Proncycroy; John, farmer, Embo Hilton; John, apprentice to Neil Murray, Achvandra; John senior, & John junior, farmers, Achvandra Moor; John, farmer, Badninish & son James; John, labourer, Londuy; John, farmer, Skelbo Moor; John, innkeeper, Balvraid; John, farmer, Clashbuy; John, farmer, Lednaclay; Neil, farmer, Rearcher; Thomas, farmer, Skibo; Wm., farmer, Asdale & his brother Alex. 
Neil, mason, Ardachu 
Alex., fiddler, Dornoch; Alex., weaver, Dornoch; Alex., post, Dornoch & son Wm.; Alex., farmer, Asdale & sons Alex. & Donald; Alex., farmer, Evelicks Moor; Donald, farmer, Embo Achtresalich & sons Wm., James & John; Donald, wright, Achvandra; Donald, farmer, Asdale; Donald, wright, Lonemore; Hector, farmer, Skibo; Hugh, farmer, Ardachu & son Donald; Hugh, slater, Achlach & brother James; Hugh, farmer, Achvaich; James, labourer, Asdale; James, apprentice to James Matheson, shoemaker, Proncycroy; James, mason, Lonemore; John, jailor, Dornoch; John, coppersmith, Dornoch; John senior, farmer, Embo Achtresalich; John, farmer, Lonemore; Lachlan, apprentice to John Macleod, wright, Lonemore; Robert, pensioner, Dornoch; Robert, farmer, Clashbuy; Robert, farmer, Ardnacalk; Wm., merchant, Dornoch; Wm., watchmaker, Dornoch; Wm., labourer, Dornoch & son Mathew; Wm., farmer, Embo Achtresalich & his sons Wm. & Donald. 
Alex., farmer, Ardshave & sons Alex. & Hugh; Alex., mason, Fidlers Bush; Alex., farmer, Achvaich x 2; Alex., labourer, Torboll x 2; Angus, labourer, Fidlers Bush; David, farmer, Ardally; Donald, labourer, Balcherry; Donald, farmer, Rearcher; Donald, farmer, Achvaich; George, tailor, Dornoch; George, farmer, Achvandra Moor & son George; George, shoemaker, Achvandra Moor; Hector, farmer, Fleuchary Park; Hugh, smith, Evelicks Moor; Hugh, labourer, Fidlers Bush; Hugh, labourer, Achvaich; James, merchant, Dornoch; James, farmer, Balcherry & son James; James, farmer, Achvandra Moor & son Adam; James, apprentice to George Gunn, tailor, Berrichen; James, farmer, Torran; James, labourer, Torboll; John, labourer, Balvraid; John, farmer, Ballone; John, farmer, Ardally; John, son to Alex., farmer, Achvaich; John, farmer, Achvaich; Neil, smith, Achvandra; Robert, mason, Dornoch; Robert, labourer, Achvandra; Robert, farmer, Skelbo Moor; Robert, farmer, Fleuchary Park; Robert, pensioner, Evelicks; Robert, son to Alex., farmer, Achvaich; William, farmer, Rearcher; William, farmer, Achvaich & brother James 
This may be a byname - - - - - Sutherland Rhi, pensioner, Embo Fishertown 
John (Mr) Excise Officer, Dornoch 
Alex., forrester, Evelicks & son Alex.; Mr James, residenter, Dornoch; Mr William, farmer, Dornoch 
Alex., fisher, Embo Fishertown; Alex., farmer, Skelbo Moor & son Hugh; Alex., mason, Rearcher; Alex., pensioner, Rearcher; Alex., pensioner, Evelicks Moor; Alex., farmer, Berrichen; Alex., labourer, Clashmore; Alex., wright, Skibo; Alex., farmer, Achtariramh; Aneneas, labourer, Dornoch; Angus, farmer, Rearcher; David, farmer, Dornoch & sons Alex. & John; David, Porter’s lodge, Skibo; Donald, messenger, Dornoch; Donald, miller, Skibo & sons Alex. & John; Donald, farmer, Clashbuy; Donald, farmer, Ardnacalk; George, mason, Dornoch; George, pensioner, Dornoch; George, shoemaker, Achvandra Moor; George, farmer, Skelbo Moor; George, farmer, Asdale; George, farmer, Skibo; Hugh, farmer, Fleuchary Park; Hugh, pensioner, Clashbuy; James, mason, Ardachu; James, farmer, Lednaclay; John, Kirk (church) officer, Dornoch; John, fisher, Embo Fishertown; John, shoemaker, Achvandra Moor; John, farmer, Badninish; John, farmer, Londuy; John, farmer, Ardshave; John, catechist, Ardachu; John, farmer, Proncycroy & son John; John, labourer, Achlach; John, mason, Cuthill; John, apprentice to John Macleod, wright, Lonemore; John, farmer, Achinall & son Alex.; Kenneth, tailor, Embo Fishertown; Robert, vintner, Dornoch; Robert, farmer, Rearcher; Robert, farmer, Berrichen; Sulivan, farmer, Achvandra Moor & sons Alex. & Robert; Thomas, farmer, Fidlers Bush; Thomas, weaver, Skibo; William, fisher, Embo Fishertown; William, weaver, Badninish; William (Dr.), tacksman, Cambusavie; William, farmer, Proncycroy & son John; William, pensioner, Clashmore; William, farmer, Skibo; William, farmer, Ardnacalk 
George (Mr), tacksman, Cyderhall 
Hugh, dyer, Evelicks & son John 
Donald, blacksmith, Dornoch 
Alex., smith, Dornoch; Alex., farmer, Balcherry; Alex., farmer, Achvandra Moor; Alex., farmer, Rearcher; Alex., farmer, Asdale & son Alex.; Alex., farmer, Berrichen; Alex., pensioner, Davochfin; Angus (Buy), farmer, Dornoch; Angus, shoemaker, Berrichen; David, farmer, Ardachu; Donald, wright, Dornoch; Donald, farmer, Embo Hilton & son Donald; Donald, farmer, Balcherry; Donald, teacher, Achvandra; Donald, farmer, Evelicks Moor; Donald, labourer, Berrichen; Finlay, farmer, Lednaclay; George, wright, Dornoch; George, son to William, farmer, Achvandra Moor; George, son to James, farmer, Berrichen; George, farmer, Berrichen; George, tailor, Ballone; Hector, farmer, Badninish; James, farmer, Balcherry; James, farmer, Asdale; James, labourer, Clash-na-larach; James, farmer, Berrichen x 2; James, shoemaker, Ballone; James, farmer, Skibo; John, shoemaker, Dornoch; John, jailor, Dornoch; John, shoemaker, Balcherry; John, labourer, Berrichen; John, farmer, Clash-na-larach; John, merchant, Clashmore; Lauchlan, farmer, Dornoch; Neil, labourer, Lednaclay; Nicol, smith, Torboll; Robert, merchant, Dornoch; Robert, labourer, Balcherry; Robert, tacksman, Coul; William, shoemaker, Balcherry; William, farmer, Achvandra Moor x 2; William, farmer, Ballone 
Mr George Sutherland, Dornoch; William esquire, Dornoch 
Andrew, farmer, Ferrytown; John, son to Andrew, farmer, Ferrytown 
David, new settler, farm 1820 probably around Davochfin 
John, miller, Skelbo 

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